About Us


SOLIMAN E. C. is a Filipino enterprise engaged in the fields of construction and septic waste management, currently operating in different areas in Luzon. It is committed to the safe, sanitary and environment-friendly disposal of septic waste and cesspool sludge from both commercial and residential establishments into highly certified and approved sewerage treatment facilities (STFs). In addition, SOLIMAN E. C. is involved in siphoning, de-clogging operations, and environmental disposal of industrial wastes from hotel and restaurant sewerage. Its state-of the art equipment and facility has also been effective in the collection of shipboard or outdoor work sites.

Oily wastes that pose threats to the marine environment. Seeing the need for temporary toilets at various occasions, the company has also ventured recently in Portable Toilet rental services especially designed for transient groups, large gatherings and events. With all its efforts to exceptionally provide services catered to its clients, SOLIMAN E. C. has built a solid reputation in the field of sanitary disposal of wastes from individual housing units, hotels, restaurants, and other industrial establishments. It consistently delivers quality workmanship that guarantees customer satisfaction as reflected in all of its completed projects.